Terms & Conditions

【Listed price】

・The price includes boarding fare (1 or maximum 2 people available) and local tax.

【Payment method】

Please pay by cash to the driver.

【Establishment of reservation】

・To make reservation, please apply from reservation form 3 days in advance.

・It shall be established at the time of sending the reservation confirmation mail from Shobuya to the customer.

【Cancellation policy】

・Please contact us by e-mail by the previous day of your date of reservation.

・Cancellation on the day of reservation requires 60% cancellation penalties.

【Other notes】

・The contents (route) subject to change depending on the traffic and the road conditions without any advance notice.

・Shobuya does not accept any responsibility for non-arrival of our email to the customers and of customers’ email to us, and garbled characters.

・Shobuya does not accept any responsibility for the failure of “Rickshaw” due to an act of God, war, civil war, riots, strikes, labor disputes, epidemic disease, fire, natural disaster (typhoon, flood, earthquake, etc.), act of government, accident, or other reason beyond our control.

・Even in the case of a natural disaster and the transportation trouble caused by it, refunds cannot be made.

・Children (15 years old or younger) must be accompanied by an adult.

・We may film during the service of rickshaw, and broadcast or distribute the copies in public.

・If the service of rickshaw is cancelled, we will guide the refund method by e-mail.

・You cannot participate if you come on a wrong date, time and place.


In the event that any parties can not resolve any dispute, controversy or disagreement that may arise between the parties in this Agreement or in relation thereto, in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Association in Japan, It will be finally resolved by arbitration. The arbitral award made by the arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties.

【Governing law】

Japan law shall apply to the establishment, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of these Terms.


This agreement is implemented from December 1, 2017.

Shoubuya Co., Ltd.